Is your cat only eating the sauce/gravy from the wet food and leaves the bits behind?

Is your cat only eating the sauce/gravy from the wet food and leaves the bits behind?

Some cats don’t like chunks and gravy. In fact, some cats don’t like wet food at all! If chunks and gravy isn’t working try the paté version. Only give out small portions at a time, as wet food tends to dry up quickly, and then your cat definitely won’t want it. You may also warm it up in the microwave to enhance the smell, but mash it sufficiently so that it’s not too hot when it’s eating it.

Cats rely on smell and texture first when deeming it edible or not, which is why when they are kittens, it’s a good idea to introduce them to different textured foods (preferably of the same brand to not cause any GI upset).

If you’re worried she isn’t eating enough, weigh her once to twice a week until you feel comfortable. I always recommend weighing once to twice a month for healthy pets to prevent weight gains or losses.

I will also add this little extra tidbit – since your cat is probably a senior, I highly recommend doing a wellness visit for blood work at your regular vet. Our senior kitties are at high risk for a number of illnesses, though the one I worry most about is kidney disease.

The thing about kidney disease is that you only start to see physical signs once the kidneys have been damaged by ~70%. Catching it early will allow her to live longer, as you can start treating to slow the progression sooner. We like to do a senior wellness screen yearly to every second year as a preventative.

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  1. Deb Harris

    My cats love the thick gravy of 2 types of stew except for the large morsels of meat. However they wont eat the pate version. Since it is a very thick stew I pour half of the large can in a mixing bowl, add some water to further increase their water consumption, and start pureeing it into a thick gravy. They love it.

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