How you can socialize your cat with simple steps

How you can socialize your cat with simple steps

Cats can be reluctant to socialize with each other or other pets in a home if they are not used to them.

You can take several simple steps to make your cat get sued to other pets in the family. Some cats will be reluctant to socialize with other family members if they are new. Cats are territorial animals, and they would like to stick to their places. You can easily break the trend if you can introduce the cat gently to other animals. Avoid forcing the socialization, ensure you do it step by step, and the cat will get used to other animals and start playing. It is fun to have your pets playing with each other.

Best to start when it’s a kitten

You will easily socialize the animal if it is still young. When you start socializing a kitten, it is easy for it to get used to each other. Young animals are yet to form traits. When you wait for the cat to grow, it will have developed anti socializing traits, and it will be hard to break them. Introducing your cat to other animals early will make it develop the socializing skills easily.

How to introduce your cat to other animals

There are simple steps you can take to let the cat socialize with each other. First, ensure you keep the cat comfortable at all stages, and it will be easy for it to socialize with each other.
Keep the animals apart at first.
You have to know how the animals behave towards each other. At first, it is essential to keep them apart and let them state at each other. From the body language, you will know whether the animals are ready to interact, or you would need more time to get them used to each other. Ensure you have a mesh pen where the animals can be restrained and let them know the presence of each other. One of the pets can get aggressive, remove it to its room and wait for the next time. It will be easy for the animals to get used to each other if the introduction can be gradual.

Introduce their scents to each other

Pat, the cat, then moves to the other animals and allow them to sniff the hands. They will get sued to the scent, and it will be easy for them to socialize with each other. Cats and other pets have a strong sense of smell, and they will tend to remember each other through the scent. The scent they will find on your hands will appear friendly to them, and it will motivate them to allow each other to move into their territories. You can introduce the scent to different pets you have in your home, and they will soon start playing with each other.

Talk to them softly

You may try a given trick, and it backfires on your pets. Try to be gentle and avoid scolding them. When you become gentle to the pets, they will easily feel free to interact with each other. Ensure all the moves you take towards introducing the pets to each other is gentle. When you try to force things, it will scare the pets, and it will be hard for them to get sued to each other. The introduction process should be fun rather than appearing like a punishment to the pets. The pets will be eager to know each other when you make it a fun routine to top them.

Allow them to explore each other’s territory.

At first, you can start by letting each cat have its territory. The pets are curious, and they would like to know each other’s territory, retrain one cat in its cage, then allow the other to roam freely in the room. It will get used to each other’s part, making it easy for them to interact later. Watch and ensure the other cat in the mesh is not aggressive. If the interaction is too aggressive, you can withdraw the one exploiting the territory of the other. Allow the territory interaction in turns, and you will easily get the cats used to each other.

Secure one animal in a mesh pen then allow the other to sniff through freely

The pets may be afraid of each other. To overcome the fear for each other, you can have one animal in a mesh pen then allow the other to sniff through freely. The mesh will prevent any injury while at the same time, allowing the animals to move close to each other. After the interaction, they will get used to each other and even start applying together. It is a move that will contribute towards making them start appreciating each other’s company.
Alternate the secure animal and repeat the process in different rooms
One animal should be left in pen and allow the other to sniff through. The mesh pen animals should be left to relax in their territory while restrained in the pen mesh. Move the pen mesh to the other room and let the animals sniffing to stay in the mesh pen and allow the one in the mesh to do the sniffing. Alternating the procedure in different rooms where each pet has established a territory will get them used to each other.

Allow the animal’s space to escape if they are not free to socialize

You will finally let the animals interact in a supervised environment. One of the pets may get scared and try to escape. It is okay to allow for the pet to escape them repeat the process till it is used to each other. Avoid restricting escape because it can lead to aggressive behaviour that can hurt your pets.

Even older cats can be socialized

The process of socializing the pets apply for all ages. You can follow the same steps outlined above to socialize, even older pets. The method of socializing older cats is the same, but it may take more time if one of the cats has been used to a solitary life.

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